My Quantified Wardrobe 2017

When I left my job and began to work for myself, I realized that a substantial portion of my wardrobe was purchased for a life that was no longer mine. I donated my 'work' clothes, sold my ties on eBay and made it a point going forward to only purchase clothing that made me feel proud to wear it.

Below is my entire wardrobe and associated thoughts by category as we enter 2017. What is most interesting about this list is not what is on it - but what will come, go and remain for many years. Only by tracking it through time can I truly see what changes have been made. 

To view the up-to-date wardrobe with purchase information and detailed info on every item, click here.

I currently have 110 wardrobe items totaling $7,371.49.

By knowing how many of each item I have, I can get a better understanding of exactly how much clothing I need compared to what I'm actively using. I do the laundry every week, which means I technically don't need more than seven days of clothing. In practice I find I like to have more of some things and less of others. 


NYC has four seasons so I like to be prepared for all of them. Black is the unofficial coat color of winter here, but the reason for that is so you can wear it over and over without it getting dirty. It works. 

5 Coats
4.55% of Wardrobe
$1,250.49 Total
$250.10 Average


Two cashmere hoodies, two cashmere cable knits, two thin cashmere sweaters, and a white sweater that didn't get the memo. I own more cashmere sweaters than I really need, but I also wear them a disproportionate number of days throughout the year. And when it gets really cold, I wear two.

7 Sweaters
6.36% of Wardrobe
$1,185.09 Total
$169.30 Average


I narrowed down my accessories to just the basics and for the most part only own one of each. 

Top Row: Necktie, Shoe Laces, Baseball Hat, Watch, Winter Hat

Middle Row: Winter Gloves, Umbrella, Sunglasses, Fanny Pack, Scarf

Bottom Row: Fanny Pack, Belt, Face Mask, 360 Scarf, Key Wallet


I wear linen in the summer and jeans the rest of the time. At home in the cooler months I'll wear some sweatpants to keep it casual.

6 Pants
5.45% of Wardrobe
$931.33 Total
$155.22 Average


I keep two backpacks; one for the daily grind and short trips and another for backpacking around the world. I infrequently use my soft luggage, but I bought a classic bag and don't think I will need a new one for decades.

3 Bags
2.73% of Wardrobe
$528.80 Total
$176.27 Average



Slipper, Sneaker, Dress Shoe, Boot, Sandal

I essentially have one pair of every type of shoe you need and an extra pair of running shoes that mold to my feet. 


6 Pairs
5.45% of Wardrobe
$508.38 Total
$84.73 Average



These days I only find myself wearing suits to special occasions that often involve socializing, drinking and dancing. The traditional American suits I used to own were designed with business, not pleasure, in mind and I wanted something that better represented my style and desire to move. I researched Indian weddings, which are famous for their color and dancing, and found some Indo-Western style suits that ignited my soul. A little more research took me on an adventure to Little India in Queens, where I purchased this subtly patterned mock collar suit that matches me perfectly.

1 Suit
0.91% of Wardrobe
$365.00 Total


I don't really wear collared shirts these days but can't get rid of these four because they add so much dimension to my wardrobe. A classic blue shirt is always in style and when I want to add some texture to an otherwise plain look, I just add some gingham. The white linen shirt is something I only wear on epic summer days, but it makes me feel like superman whenever I get to put it on.

4 Shirts
3.64% of Wardrobe
$346.50 Total
$86.63 Average


I live in t-shirts, but you don't get to see what is on them unless it is summer. I have a handful of grey shirts that I use on heavy rotation and the others I filter in when appropriate. This way I preserve my printed T's for a day when they can be best enjoyed.

While I typically have a 'no words on clothing' policy, I received the MealPal shirt for free and enjoy the service - although you won't find me wearing it outside my home.

11 T-Shirts
10% of Wardrobe
$241.50 Total
$21.95 Average


I used to sell real estate and would occasionally have to take my shoes off when viewing a property. I realized that this unexpected event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase my personality through my socks and began to cultivate a unique and colorful collection with this in mind. In doing so I also began to truly appreciate socks and the thought that people put into such a fairly unseen item. 

15 Pairs
13.64% of Wardrobe
$222.90 Total
$14.86 Average


Long Underwear

When the weather goes below 45º F, I put on long underwear. Nothing is going to make you more uncomfortable in the city (or anywhere) than being cold and thinking a thin layer of denim will solve the problem. This is a simple solution I have used for years and it makes the cold weather days dramatically more enjoyable. 

7 Pairs
6.36% of Wardrobe
$215.14 Total
$30.73 Average


I exclusively wear Calvin Klein boxer-briefs. 12 pairs in a near 50/50 mix of standard black and wild colors, and they all have the same cut despite being from different 'collections.' I don't want to think too much about underwear, so I picked a brand I liked and stuck with it.

12 Pairs
10.91% of Wardrobe
$210.00 Total
$17.50 Average


While unintentionally planned, my sweatshirts function as my statement pieces that each have a lot of personality and pop by themselves or under a jacket. I wear them most in the spring and summer and then switch to sweaters in the fall.

4 Sweatshirts
3.64% of Wardrobe
$181.84 Total
$45.46 Average


When the weather gets warm, I really enjoy wearing shorts. But as a percentage of what I wear, shorts exist exclusively in the land of summer time and exotic vacations. I alternate between two classic shorts in different shades of blue and use my cargo pants for hiking and laborious chores.  

3 Pairs
2.73% of Wardrobe
$108.65 Total
$36.22 Average


I used to use my most faded and worn items as 'gym clothes.' But wearing old clothing at the gym didn't make me feel my best. I figured the most I would go to the gym is three times a week and bought enough gym appropriate clothing to accomplish that task. This small change has greatly improved my motivation and focuses me for the task at hand.

10 Items
9.09% of Wardrobe
$86.24 Total
$8.62 Average


Bathing Suit

I did the math and realized that of the few times I use a bathing suit per year, I have never been in a situation where I realistically needed more than one. Navy is classic and will go unnoticed across years of beach and travel photos, and packing has never been easier.

1 Bathing Suit
0.91% of Wardrobe
$39.60 Total


I then created infographics to help me visualize my entire wardrobe at a glance.

The triple-pie chart below (from outside-in) details the number of clothing items by color, price range, and where they were obtained. The inner most circle highlights the total cost, number of items I have, and the average cost per item.

The line chart below details how much was spent on wardrobe items each month by year. It is easy to see that I prefer to shop in some months over others and that I rarely spend more than $300 in one month. 

 Pricing info unavailable for items obtained in 2006, 2007, 2010 & 2011.

Pricing info unavailable for items obtained in 2006, 2007, 2010 & 2011.


With every store location in my spreadsheet, the next step was to put all those points on a map. The vast majority of my purchases take place not just in Manhattan alone, but in the same one mile radius. 

Closing Thoughts

By analyzing my wardrobe, I have developed a deeper sense of my personal style and uncovered connections that I otherwise would not have made. Most importantly, I now view my clothing as a collection of wearable assets that I either want efficiently used or removed from the system. 

In the process, I created visual data that helps me better understand my wardrobe from a macro perspective and I foresee my future purchases being partially guided by details from my past.

This was fun and I look forward to doing it again next year and seeing what changes.


To view the up-to-date wardrobe with purchase information and detailed info on every item click here.