Making Bitcoin History, Launching Manhattan’s First Bitcoin ATM

I learned about Bitcoin over the summer of 2013 and quickly became caught up in the positive technological benefits of this new digital currency.

I ranted and raved about it to all my friends, few of whom truly understood, and realized that if I really wanted to help aid adoption I would need to look at the bottlenecks and begin there.

The one thing that I witnessed time and time again about bitcoin is that it’s very hard to explain to someone, but really easy to use. When you explain to someone how bitcoin works by giving them some, akin to giving someone a dollar, they see how it relates to traditional money and it all clicks from there. If I could reduce the friction of purchasing bitcoin, I knew that I could reach a lot more people who would in turn talk about ‘that crazy internet money,’ to their friends; rinse and repeat.

The great thing about Bitcoin is that it makes purchasing anything extremely easy… Which is why at 2am on a school night I decided to spend $5,000 on a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM. A few months later, I received it in a big shipping crate and the adventure began.

I partnered with PYC Bitcoin, who was already operating a Bitcoin ATM in Albany and became the Chief Marketing Officer to assist with the Manhattan launch. The launch was crazy busy and a huge success. The meetup group for Bitcoin NYC had an ATM Launch for its members and the store stayed open later than anticipated because of demand.

Within just a few days after launching we received local and national press in the below publications, the public has spoken and they want Bitcoin!

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