A photo I took of something by Roy Lichtenstein

A photo I took of something by Roy Lichtenstein

A little over a month ago I updated my website and made the method that I use to stay organized open to the public. Everything I owned and sold was available to be viewed in real time via a Google Sheet (spreadsheet) and as of yesterday I have made that information private once again. 

For years I have dreamed of 'living online,' and that is still very much my goal, but after a month of feedback it became clear to me that what I was presenting was too cryptic to be properly understood. "Being organized," made sense, but spending hundreds of hours of your life to list every single item in a spreadsheet seemed insane - undoubtedly it is, and that was not the intended goal.

I have always considered myself to be a mad scientist and this experiment has furthered my research and made me go back to the drawing board. This is by no means the end, just a pause before a new beginning. My goal with this website, and previously the spreadsheet, is to make the concept of organization easy to understand. That is still very much the goal, and if anything I have a clearer understanding of how to go about it.

Special thanks go to /r/konmari who really got it.

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