Drobo (Gen 2)

What is this?

A proprietary-RAID enclosure for mixed size disks.

Why did I buy it?

My media outgrew the space on my laptop and I knew it was only going to continue growing.

This hard drive enclosure holds up to four hard drives of any size and combines all of them into one large disk while also providing redundancy. One drive can die and no data will be lost, I will only have to replace that bad drive. And in the future when I need a bigger hard drive, all I need to do is swap out the smallest hard disk for a bigger one and the Drobo will increase the storage space. It's just short of magic.

And to really protect my files, I then backup the contents of the Drobo to Backblaze, an online backup service for only $5/month.

This is how I make sure that all my memories don't disappear in the night.