Staples Mailmate M7 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

What is this?

A paper shredder.

Why did I buy it?

In today's connected world, information is valuable - even the things you put in the trash. Because of this, it is imperative that anything you throw away not have personal identifying information on it. Inevitably, your name is on mail, letters, junk you receive from Val-Pak and countless other sources. It may be a hassle, but to maintain your privacy I highly recommend putting everything and anything through a paper shredder.

Paper shredders come in a wide variety of flavors, and I find the Mailmate M7 to be the perfect blend of power and size. Not so big you feel like Enron, not so small you spend all day putting a few sheets of paper through. I use it constantly, and other than lubing the blades once a month it has never let me down.