simplehuman Stainless Steel Triple Wall-Mount Pumps

What is this?

Wall mounted soap pumps for the shower.

Why did I buy it?

First and foremost, I have never lived in an apartment that had appropriate space in the shower for the bottles and jars that one accumulates to keep themselves looking fresh. This always meant keeping bottles on the corners of the tub, but they always fell over. Always. Then you had to bend over to get them, and that just sucked when you were in an already cramped space.

I use three products, all liquid: shampoo, conditioner & body wash. When I found this fancy, wall-mountable triple pump system from simplehuman I prayed that it would solve all of my problems - and it pretty much did. It even has a holder for a razor on the side which I didn't notice at first but very much appreciate. 

I have installed and removed the same unit in multiple apartments and never damaged the bathroom. And in the process it has made showering a much smoother experience and removed half-empty, upside down bottles from the tub in the process.