LG 34UM95P

What is this?

A big-ass, ultra-widescreen, almost-4K 34" monitor. 

Why did I buy it?

I wanted a big-ass monitor to use with my laptop and the moment I laid eyes on this massive 34-inch, 21:9 panel I hoped it made sense for me - and it did.

The list of features on this thing is incredible, but the one that saves me the most time is the ability to hook up two inputs (up to four) and view them at the same time. This way when I'm troubleshooting a raspberry pi (via HDMI) I can still access the web on my laptop (via Thunderbolt) - split screen on the same monitor.

I have had this monitor for about two years and it is easily the best productivity tool I have. Doing work on my laptop screen requires substantially more 'moving things around' when compared to how much I get done on the big-ass screen.


ComputerMatt Manhattan