Narrative Clip 2

What is this?

A super-small, wearable camera.

Why did I buy it?

This camera automatically takes pictures every X seconds until the battery runs out or you turn it off by placing it face down. While you do wear this camera, it is more a 'lifelogging camera' than a body camera. 

So why would I want to take a photo every X seconds? I really didn't know why! That is why I bought it, to see what use it would have - if any. And after using it a few times I can comfortably say that it isn't great, but when it works it can be pretty cool.

It also takes video, but it isn't great - mostly because you are likely moving around while shooting and there isn't any image stabilization. The photos are also impacted because of this as well. I like the premise of this kind of device, but even though Narrative is on their 2nd version - they still have work to do. [And given that the company almost shut down a little while ago it is unlikely you will see anything else out of them.]

The below instagram video mashes one entire day out into 30 seconds.

What did you do yesterday? 🤔

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