Stillman & Birn Epsillon Series Sketchbook 7 x 10

What is this?

A sketchbook.

Why did I buy it?

I love to doodle, and I have a variety of markers and pencils at my disposal when I get the urge. My go to used to just be a piece of printer paper - and while it did get the job done, it didn't feel special and made my doodles feel more like scraps of paper than art.

When I went to Jerry's Palette Shop (111 4th Ave) and asked for a sketchbook I was presented with far too many options to comprehend and ultimately chose this one based on the feedback from the store employee.

The paper allows the markers to stick to the page without bleeding, which is good. But the wire binding is something I didn't consider and I either have to rip the pages out or cut them, which requires the time and foresight to have those tools on hand. In the future I will stick with paper that is easier to remove.