Monoprice Dual Extrusion 3D Printer (11614)

What is this?

An inexpensive dual-extrusion 3D printer. 

Why did I buy it?

This was my second 3D printer with the first being an Ultimaker 2. I had so much fun learning to print with the Ultimaker that I wanted to have a second printer on hand so I could print even more things without having to wait hours for my next print. 

Additionally, the Ultimaker uses 3.0mm filament whereas the Monoprice uses 1.75mm - which seems to be more common. The Monoprice also has an additional printhead which allows for two color prints and many more unique combinations - despite being a little more difficult to calibrate.

This was 1/5th the cost of the Ultimaker, but performs almost as well in my opinion. This model has since been discontinued, but I would highly recommend a new model Monoprice for the beginner looking to get into 3D printing.