Anker USB 3.0 13-Port Hub

What is this?

A 13-port hub, with every port being able to charge a device (plus an extra just for power).

Why did I buy it?

I have a lot of devices that get charged by USB and a limited number of USB chargers and outlets. Additionally, I didn't enjoy leaving my expensive electronics on the floor while they charged and preferred having an area dedicated to charging.

The solution was to get this USB hub with an incredible number of ports and use it to charge everything that needed juice. It serves its purpose, but for some reason the only port that can charge Apple devices is the 'charging' port, whereas my GoPros and cameras can use any of the ports that are available. 

Taking it to the next level, I designed and 3D printed a custom part that holds and hides the USB hub (and AC adapter) on my pegboard. Boom, I got my charging area.


ComputerMatt Manhattan