Pursonic S520 Sonic Toothbrush

What is this?

A sonic toothbrush.

Why did I buy it?

My dentist recommended 'a sonic toothbrush' so I did a little research into them, but ultimately wound up just buying this Pursonic because it was highly rated on Amazon. 

This toothbrush, and likely other sonic toothbrushes, does clean your teeth incredibly well if you take the two minutes to go along your teeth slowly. I was seriously blown away at how clean and smooth my teeth felt after my first brushing. 

It comes with a stand for the brush and the brush heads, so if you have multiple people using the toothbrush - like me - then this works out pretty nicely. Removing and attaching the brush heads is an annoyance, but a minor one.

The only major flaw I have with this toothbrush is that I don't see many places online that sell the replacement brush heads, and the few that do cost more than I would like ($3.50/each). So if you are reading this and feel inspired to buy this or another brush, please research the cost of the replacement brushes in advance to better understand the future costs.