Ricoh Theta S

What is this?

A 360-degree spherical camera.

Why did I buy it?

This camera has two super-convex lenses on opposite sides of each other and when you take a picture or video it stitches both images into one, resulting in a 360-degree view from the camera.

This is the 3rd version of the Theta spherical camera and I have owned each of the previous models. I bought the first version when I was selling my apartment and had the idea to use my Oculus Rift Dev Kit as a way to virtually view my apartment. The original Theta allowed me to do this with relative ease, and a friend of mine at the time did all the coding so you could simply look around my apartment and beam yourself to different viewing points. 

This is a very unique camera, and unless you have a reason for taking photos of everything in a scene it isn't the most functional. That said, using this camera has made my mind work in different ways and that is why I kept upgrading the camera as they released new models.


CameraMatt Manhattan