Matterhackers Pro PLA 1.75mm (5lb)

What is this?

1.75mm PLA filament on a 5lb spool for 3D printing.

Why did I buy it?

The third 3D printer I bought (gCreate gMax 1.5XT+) was capable of printing very large objects, but in order to do that you needed a lot of filament. I bought a 10lb spool but the printer couldn't physically support it, so I bought the 5lb spool which worked fine. 

I no longer have that giant 3D printer because it gave me too many issues, but I still have this big ass spool of filament. I jerry-rigged it to my Monoprice 3D printer and now I don't need to worry that I will run out of filament!

I have used lots of different kinds of filament, but consistently go back to Matterhackers for their White Pro PLA, which I use frequently. They have an insane selection of filament and while they do have their own website, they also offer everything through Amazon at the same price.