Apple iPad Pro 12.9"

What is this?

A giant, 12.9" iPad with 128GB.

Why did I buy it?

I honestly didn't plan to buy this iPad, and really it was the Pencil that sold me on it.

I was in the Apple Store doodling in some drawing app with a pencil tool selected and I could not believe how accurate the pressure sensitivity was. It genuinely appeared as if I was drawing with a real pencil, even when I put it on its side to shade a wide area. I then switched to the watercolor brush and when brush strokes crossed each other they bled together as if the page was still wet. 

I have used Wacom tablets in an attempt to 'draw on the computer,' but the Apple Pencil really did allow you to draw directly on the screen. I purchased the 12.9" version since it best simulated a sheet of paper and gave me a much larger work area. 

When I'm not using the iPad for art I am typically watching movies on it at my desk while I work or when I'm in the bathtub - it's great for that.