iPhone SE

What is this?

A new model iPhone that looks like an older model iPhone - in Pink.

Why did I buy it?

I did not enjoy when phones started to grow in size. When Apple announced the iPhone 6 with its new and bigger screen, I was pissed. That didn't stop me from buying one, but the larger size really was something I could not get over. I even went as far as complaining about it on the internet:

Apple later announced exactly what I was asking for and I immediately sold my iPhone 6 and purchased an iPhone SE. That said, my iPhone 6 had 128GB of space, whereas the SE maxes out at 64GB. This phone really is perfect for me in terms of size and I when I'm not taking amazing photos I'm using the 240fps (slow-mo) feature.

Other than that it is a solid phone, but lately Apple has been doing everything possible to ruin their OS and in general make everything less functional. I say this because I have noticed a trend in Apple products that really makes me think the good days area behind us. I have been more and more curious about Android phones, and despite living in the 'Apple eco-system,' my goal with any phone or device is to use the one that is most functional, which is increasingly not the case with Apple.

And finally, I bought it used from eBay and Pink was the cheapest option. I change my phone often enough that I enjoy letting my frugality be the color decider.