Apple Pencil

What is this?

A stylus.

Why did I buy it?

I was in the Apple Store doodling in some drawing app with a pencil tool selected and I could not believe how accurate the pressure sensitivity was. It genuinely appeared as if I was drawing with a real pencil, even when I put it on its side to shade a wide area. I then switched to the watercolor brush and when brush strokes crossed each other they bled together as if the page was still wet. 

I have used Wacom tablets in an attempt to 'draw on the computer,' but the Apple Pencil really did allow you to accurately draw on the screen. There is something special about switching between many different kinds of traditional art tools with just a tap. It took my already creative mind and put it into a blender, and I have had hours drift away while I doodle with it.

The Pencil compliments the iPad Pro, which is required in order to work.