iVue Horizon 1080p Glasses Camera

What is this?

A pair of glasses with a camera in the middle.

Why did I buy it?

I was watching an episode of Lazy Game Reviews where he goes to local thrift stores to see what they have for sale and he used a pair of these glasses to shoot his video. What really blew me away was how crisp the video was and how well it captured what he was doing in front of himself with both of his hands.

I make a lot of stuff and would love to record it, but setting up a camera in different positions while I'm in the middle of something isn't ideal. With these glasses I can just do what I am normally doing with full range of motion and still end up with a video. That said, if you are trying to record stuff directly under your nose, such as on a desk, you will have to angle them down in order to get the shot. Awkward, but better than nothing. 

A unique camera with a ton of uses - I really like having this one. 


CameraMatt Manhattan