Rainbow Pencils (MoMA Store)

What is this?

A seven color pencil in one. SEVEN!

Why did I buy it?

Whenever I'm in Soho and need to kill some time I pop into the MoMA Store (81 Spring Street) to check out what artistic goods they have on display. I stopped at the pen and pencil stand and started doodling with this little gem and nearly lost my shit in the store over how cool it was. Maybe it was the kid in me, but in that moment, these pencils felt magical - which is why I bought 20 of them, just to be safe (they were sold individually).

I have since given a few away as gifts, with the rest stashed away for future trippy doodles.

The Circle of Life

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I bought them at the MoMA Store in NYC (81 Spring), but can't find a word about them online, like, nothing. Amazon sells a bunch of 'rainbow pencils,' with these looking very close to the pencils I purchased at the Store.