BenQ W1070

What is this?

A 3D 1080p projector.

Why did I buy it?

I have always lived on the bleeding edge of TV technology, and ever since I started buying flat panels back in 2004 they have always cost me between $2-3k every few years. So there I was, nearly a decade later in 2013, browsing the internet with my two year old 55" LCD that cost $2,353.71 in the background - and I wonder how much a 'good' 1080p projector costs.

To my surprise I find this BenQ model with glowing reviews on Amazon only asking $799.00. It was 1080p, just like my LCD, but was capable of producing an image 4X the size. I bought it just to test it out, and after I watched my first video I couldn't stop laughing because of how absurdly amazing the picture quality and experience was.

Watching something on a 100+ inch screen at 1080p really immerses you in the video, and while I was looking for 'extreme' footage I came across Jeb Corliss flying through Tianmen Cave wearing a wingsuit (and a GoPro), and the moment he passes through the cave I began to cry because of how real that moment felt. 

Everything is better when it is bigger. Watching comedy specials feels like the comedian is there in our apartment, life size. Same goes for talk shows. When watching movies and TV, I find things in the background that I never saw or even thought to look for on a smaller screen. Text (and subtitles) are very easy to read and we can view what is being projected from anywhere in the room. It is also smaller and easier to move than a TV of any size, which to me makes a lot more sense given the cost & size compared to space & screen size.

The daylight viewing is actually pretty decent, especially if you make attempts to cover the windows. If the sun is streaming onto the wall then, yeah, I won't be able to see the screen - but I take that as my cue to not be watching TV (or put the blinds down).

After 1200+ days of daily use, I am still using the bulb that came with the unit. And the only negative thing I can say about it is that the volume on their shitty built in speaker - that no one should be using in the first place - doesn't go low enough. Additionally, there is a fan that runs whenever it is on which does make more noise than a silent TV. Other than those two minor details, I love this projector and now really find it hard to watch something on a screen less than 100".


EntertainmentMatt Manhattan