Personal Care

These are all the products I currently use on my body to keep myself fresh and funkiness at bay.

I strive to use the fewest number of products to accomplish all of my personal care needs, while also taking cost and medicine cabinet space into account.

Every item here has a purpose, or at least I have been brainwashed into thinking it does. And by listing the cost per unit it is easy to compare prices in store or online at a glance - gamifying a rather mundane aspect of my life.

Most of the items are made with natural ingredients, with the goal being to test out and switch over to 100% natural ingredients before the year (2017) is over.

Do you see where I could switch to something more natural or have a recommendation? Please let me know!

Prices listed are what I paid, not necessarily what they currently cost. Unknown prices will be updated the next time I buy that item.

Last Updated: 2017.04.28