Under Armour UA Base 1.0 Leggings (#1)

What is this?

Long underwear.

Why did I buy it?

I can't stand the cold. So when It goes below 45 degrees I automatically wear long underwear if I'm going outside. It's tight on your body to retain heat and in general just makes walking around more enjoyable when there is a briskness in the air. A lot of time in NYC is either spent walking somewhere or standing in line to wait for something, all of which happens outdoors. Please stop being cold and start wearing long underwear! 

You may notice that I have decent amount of long underwear, and that is because I wear them just like underwear! When it's extra cold I know I'm going to be in long underwear for days so I have enough on hand to last me full laundry cycle.


Why did I get rid of it?

I own two different types of Under Armour long underwear. These - which are black, and another type, which come in colors. I have been primarily wearing the colored pairs and not wearing these, so when I went to use one of these black pairs I discovered that they were all really small! Additionally, the colored pairs have more 'flex' to them, whereas these are more rigid and prevent fluid movement. Small and old, time to put them in the trash and just use the ones I like more.