Vibram Five Fingers KMD Sport LS

What is this?

A pair of 'five finger' shoes with separate areas for each toe.

Why did I buy it?

I wanted to have more of a connection with the ground while ensuring that my toes moved individually and not as a 'toe group' so that all the appropriate toe muscles were worked out.

These are odd shoes, certainly not for everyone, but I enjoy wearing them on the appropriate day. You can't really wear socks with these, which is fine, but if it rains and you get wet, your feet and shoes will smell to high heaven.


Why did I get rid of it?

2017.04.17 They reached a 'stinking point' that made them unusable. But if we disregard that fact, these are not shoes meant for NYC. This is the concrete jungle, not THE jungle, and with practically zero protection from the ground it began to get to me on extended walks on paved streets. They connect you to the ground, but with no 'give' I ultimately think they can do more harm than good when not used on soft dirt or grass. 

But with all this said, I still really enjoyed these shoes. The concept still makes a lot of sense to me, but after wearing them it is clear to me that while these shoes do help you stay connected to the ground - you need a little more protection when your world is 100% created by man with absolutely zero nature to step on. I would buy them again in the future, but not when my only terrain is concrete.