yoshirt! I Heart NY Zoomed

What is this?

A sweatshirt with a blown up logo familiar to NYC.

Why did I make it?

I have lived in NYC my whole life and never owned an 'I <3 NY' shirt. Without fail, damn near every tourist will buy one of these shirts and then proudly wear it around - signaling to the world at large that they are not from here. Because of this, I know few if any actual New Yorkers that own one of these iconic shirts. The thing is... it's a rad shirt!

This design is an homage to the 'I <3 NY' shirt that isn't too easy to decypher - until you do.

Bonus! I made this using the yoshirt! app on my iPhone. The sweatshirt quality isn't great and yoshirt! didn't match the trim pieces of my image to the body so it looks a bit chopped up, sort of ruining the design. While it was fun to create this sweatshirt entirely on my phone and receive it days later, I wouldn't personally use this service again. 


This was a one-off and isn't available for sale.

Why did I get rid of it?

2017.03.27 I mentioned it before, but the quality of this sweater wasn't great. The more I wore it, the more it pilled up and ultimately began to look like crap. I later got a stain right on the front of it, and... that was it. Trash town, population - this sweatshirt.