Muji Wool Blend Room Shoes

What is this?

A pair of house slippers, but according to Muji they are 'opera-type room boots,' oooh.

Why did I buy it?

To keep my feet warm during the Northeast winter and replace the last pair of slippers I had.

These slippers keep a nice hold on your feet, and man are they comfortable.


Why did I get rid of it?

2017.04.17 While comfortable at first, the synthetic fabrics eventually held onto my foot smell to the point that it became a problem. I could have opted to wear socks to lessen the impact of foot smell, but then why have slippers in the first place?

I went back to using Minnetonka's, despite not liking their lace, because they use natural materials which don't stink like these. The bottoms also began to wear out by the toe, revealing the cheap materials that were used. I wanted to like these, but ultimately they were cheap garbage.

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