Indo-Western Suit

What is this?

An Indo-Western style suit.

Why did I buy it?

After quitting my job I got rid of all my suits and ‘work’ type clothes, knowing it wasn't the life for me. I was recently invited to a close friends black tie wedding and didn’t have a suit for it, but at the same time I didn’t want to just buy another suit for an occasion. This got me thinking and I started asking myself, ‘what kind of suit would I feel most comfortable in?’

At weddings I like to drink, dance and socialize. The last thing I want to do is feel constrained by my outfit. I’ve seen tons of epic photos for Indian weddings and the one thing I really noticed was how casual they looked, while simultaneously looking stylish and appropriate. After some sleuthing I discovered that I wanted something 'Indo-Western style,' which sent me to Lavanya in Jackson Heights where I ultimately found is outstandingly bedazzled suit.


If you are in NYC, just head to Jackson Heights and walk around. Otherwise just go to your local 'Little India,' where I'm sure you will find shops that have this kind of stuff.

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