Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Parka

What is this?

The name says it all, ultra light down parka (with hood).

Why did I buy it?

I was going on two week vacation and only wanted to bring a small backpack but still needed to bring a warm jacket for the cold nights. Nothing I already owned could fit in my backpack without taking up all the space, so I did some research into ultra light down which packs down to almost nothing. The internet had rave reviews about it so I purchased one and... WOW.

This little jacket did everything I wanted it to and more. It's warm, blocks the wind, has zippered front pockets, shrinks down into nothing and looks great. At times I even got too warm wearing it, so I just stuffed it back into my backpack with ease. 

To me, this is the kind of classic & functional wardrobe item everyone should own.