Minnetonka Pile Lined Softsole Slipper

What is this?

A pair of house slippers made with natural leather

Why did I buy it?

I bought these and initially didn't enjoy them because of the stupid lace that always came undone. While they were comfortable, they angered me - and my search for the perfect slipper continued. 

I purchased the Muji slipper which I used with glee until I made them smell to high heaven. My clean feet would smell after using them, and so in the mean time I went back to the Minnetonka slipper. Under the same conditions, they simply didn't smell, and after cutting and double knotting the stupid lace they didn't anger me as much either. 

I wish they didn't have a lace at all, but until I find something better I have grown to love the Minnetonka slippers - simply because they work.