Mealpal Promo Shirt

What is this?

A free promo T-Shirt from Mealpal, a monthly lunch service I use. 

Why did I buy it?

I didn't! I was picking up my lunch from Sushi-teria and saw this guy lingering by the door while I waited for my food. As I walked out the guy said, "Hey, you mealpal? Want a t-shirt?" And without fully understanding him I procured my free shirt and went home. Now you see, Mealpal actually started out as Mealpass but then changed their name - suddenly. I did not know this, and when I got home and saw that the shirt said Mealpal I thought that maybe they were a rival competitor who was sending people into shops to lure people with free swag. It was a very confusing moment until I logged back into Mealpass, only to see that they were Mealpal. Glad you understand all that.


Free swagginess in full effect on this one.

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