Timex Q7B819 Expedition Sport Replacement Watchband

What is this?

A replacement watch band that uses velcro.

Why did I buy it?

I bought my Timex watch primarily because it had a transparent watch band, a clear face and was cheap. I wear my watch everywhere but the shower, and after months of use I realized that the band had gotten downright filthy and was far from transparent. 

I needed a new watch band, but if I repurchased the one that came with the watch it would just get dirty again. Additionally, the buckle that came on the original band always came loose while I slept, making it seem as if I was robbed in my sleep. 

I didn't want a buckle, and I wanted it for cheap. And after thinking hard I came to the conclusion that I should look for velcro. This band, which I ultimately purchased, seriously meets all my needs and the velcro absolutely makes the band more functional to me. 

The only downside is that I installed the band the wrong way and I'm too lazy to do it again.