Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles

What is this?

Shoe insoles.

Why did I buy it?

My Timberland boots were seriously lacking in the arch support department and in general I wanted more support than the stock insole provided. 

I did a little research and it seemed like these Spenco insoles were the bees-knees. Upon inspection they have noticeably more arch support and a nice pad for the heel as well. They feature these rigid plastic sections on the bottom (see top photo) which give it support presumably where you need it. And just from holding it I could tell that it would be some sort of improvement.

There was an instantaneous difference in how my feet felt after swapping in the Spenco insoles, to the point that I wondered why Timberland would include such cheap insoles in the first place. Regardless of their business decisions, I'm very happy with this and consider it a huge upgrade for my boots.