Mealpal Promo Sweatshirt

What is this?

A free promo Sweatshirt from Mealpal, a monthly lunch service I use. 

Why did I buy it?

I didn't! And now this is the second Mealpal related item I own - for free!

After using the service for a year I wrote a very detailed blog post about my appreciation of the service and my eating habits with lots of fancy charts. They liked it so much that the Mealpal marketing team invited me to their Brooklyn launch party, where I noticed some of the Mealpal staff wearing these sweatshirts. 

Quite a fan of the t-shirt, I mentioned to Hannah that I would really like the sweatshirt as well. After a few beers and many delicious bites, I casually mentioned this to one of the staff - at which point he literally gave me the sweatshirt off his back! It's missing the drawstring from the hood, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Free swagginess in full effect on this one, again.